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The COVID-PPP Loan Nobody’s Talking About - Parenting Practice Protection

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Since when is “mom-shaming” an actual thing?

The answer… TUH-DAY! In the year of 2020 when so many other issues are wreaking havoc on our world, we choose to waste time ridiculing moms for the ways they choose to raise their children.

This past week my husband and I were catching up with each other and he mentioned the Red Table Talk discussion about mom shaming. I was immediately interested in watching as just that same week I had seen several posts on my Facebook newsfeed from moms who were fed up with being judged due to their parenting tactics. According to new research, almost two-thirds of moms say that they've been shamed for their parenting skills. Although the numbers are mindblowing, they’re absolutely believable.

A common theme I’ve noticed in mom shaming is that more times than not, the person doing the shaming is another mom, crazy right? Since when do we get to tell another mom how to raise the children SHE birthed?! The audacity to think that somehow because we’ve had children of our own OR do things differently our way is best is out of this world.

I’ve had my own share of mom shaming primarily from people who I considered friends or family. One thing I can say is that it never feels good. As a new mom, I often found myself trying to style my parenting after moms that I admired or older moms in my family. I would do things like, dress my child based on their approval or discipline according to their belief system and after a while I did away with all of that shit and just began to learn my child for myself.

Not only did I have to learn my child but I also had to unlearn some of my parenting habits and create new techniques that were better suited for my parenting situation. Then and only then was I able to completely embrace my innate ability to raise my child and become the mom that she needed me to be.

So often, we think everyone else has the answers to our questions. We go around seeking validation and approval only to be disappointed when we’re met with the exact opposite. It’s okay to be open minded and flexible to outside opinions BUT you also have to know who you are at the core. This enables you to measure the feedback and advice you receive against your own value system and what you know about your lifestyle situations.

YOU have to become the Subject Matter Expert in all things that pertain to you. This includes your children, parenting style, your likes and dislikes and anything else that stems from and/or affects you. It can be as simple as knowing your favorite color and as complex as identifying the values that will steer all of your major life decisions.

This can take some time so in the meantime I’ve created the NEW COVID PPP Loan that nobody’s talking about and YOU, my friend, are the perfect candidate. The Parenting Practice Protection Loan allows you to parent however the hell you see fit with the best interest of all parties considered. It gives you permission to parent carefree of all external noise and distractions. This loan is non-monetary however it does give you full authority to activate your parenting superpowers and NOW is the time!.

There’s only one way to qualify and that is, you have to be a parent. In today’s unpredictable climate, parents have been caught in the whirlwind of change. Some of us have been laid off, relocated or thrown into new positions all together. All of this has happened while we’ve also had to consider our children and how the changes have affected them as well.

This has likely caused a helluva disruption in what we considered normal and left us to do the very best we can to keep all of the balls in the air. It’s A LOT but baaaayyy-be! I got you! The terms of this lifetime loan are simple.

#1 - Unlearn what does not serve you and learn what does

#2 - Use your resources

#3 - Do the best you can, that’s good enough

#4 - Blot out the noise

#5 - Breathe, smile, be happy and CELEBRATE

***This loan is 100% forgiven with the completion of all terms stated above.***

Listen, it takes confidence, courage and frankly a few IDGAF’s to really combat mom-shaming. Mothering is something I take very seriously and my mission is to be the voice of moms around the world who are juggling family, business and everyday life. It’s hard being a parent and call me biased but being a mom takes the reins. Let this be the encouragement you need to push you forward in your parenting journey with clarity and freedom.

Although the pandemic was the inspiration behind this PPP, our need for permission to practice parenting in the way that we see fit is a lifetime guarantee and don’t let anyone tell you any different.


A mom who gave her last... [you fill in the blank]

Sorry not sorry!

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