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Loud silence.

Stillness is all around me. This past week, in fact, the past few weeks I’ve witnessed it in many forms. I’ve been intentional to create it for myself while focusing on my growing family but I’ve also witnessed how silence has let itself into my space on its own.

As I sit and think about the current events taking place all over the world, the stories I’ve seen cross my Facebook newsfeed and the changes happening in my own world all I can do is mimic the silence, taking a moment to process, release and progress. The silence that accompanies loss has ironically been pretty darn loud.

Yesterday my daughter came home and got a little emotional while sharing that her class covered 9/11 earlier that day. Today at this very moment while I get still to reflect on the events that took place 20yrs ago, I embrace the quietness and allow it to speak volumes where no other words can.

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